A representative sample of on-going Cultural Capital projects

#CultureUnderThreat video series
The Antiquities Coalition – Executive Producer.  Two video series, the first shot in Cairo and the second in New York, featuring international leaders seeking solutions in the war on looting, the illicit trade in antiquities, and terrorism.

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“Nimrud Rising,” Immersive virtual reality recreation of the ISIS-destroyed Assyrian site of Nimrud – Executive Producer. Working with partners Learning Sites, Inc. and the Antiquities Coalition, we have created a visit to the lost Palace of Ashurnasirpal II using the Optical Rift immersive virtual reality system.

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The Museum Digitization and Documentation Center, at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Cairo. Working with the Antiquities Coalition, development and implementation of technology, fundraising, and administration for the partnership creating the MDDC, including the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquites, the American Research Center in Egypt, and the British Museum.  

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Amplify Research, an initiative of Cultural Capital and Amplify, Inc., offers an innovative opportunity for scholars, industry researchers, and academic institutions. We seek a wider and more influential audience for research, broader recognition for experts and their innovative solutions, increased benefit for organizations, and greater professional and business opportunity by bringing professional communication and production skills to the research community.

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Rare Book School, Columbia University, and the University of Virginia. Producer/Director of educational series on rare books and collections. Herdrich has been called, “America’s leading filmmaker on obscure bibliographical subjects."