Cultural Capital is more than production, consulting, or strategy. Expertise comes from CEO Peter Herdrich’s practice as a leader in media companies and in cultural and educational organizations. There is no one else in the world who can say he has produced syndicated news shows, run a learned society, succeeded as a CEO, and co-founded an international NGO that combats cultural racketeering. (And if there is, let me know, we’ve got a lot to talk about.)

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The Cultural Capital Difference

As challenging as it is to excel in one sector, Herdrich has excelled in four. He synthesizes lessons from communications, culture, education, and business and his career achievements include:

  • Award-winning producer, director, and writer reaching 1.4 billion viewers while working for all major networks
  • CEO of the Archaeological Institute of America, the largest archaeological organization in the world and the learned society for the academic discipline
  • Publisher of Archaeology, the world’s largest circulation magazine devoted to humanities
  • Online editorial director
  • Museum program director, The Paley Center for Media
  • Co-founder of the Antiquities Coalition, an international NGO fighting the looting and black market sales of antiquities and the finance of terrorism

CEO Peter Herdrich’s breadth of experience – in business, technology, promotion, TV production, publishing, media and higher education – brings broad insight to the creation and implementation of comprehensive strategies that amplify the goals of your organization.

Executive Experience

CEO, Cultural Capital

Co-founder, The Antiquities Coalition

Founding Partner, The Heritas Group

CEO, Archaeological Institute of America

Publisher, Archaeology magazine

Program Director, The Paley Center for Media

Senior Producer, Inside Edition

Journalism Awards

Investigative Reporters and Editors Award for Outstanding Investigative Reporting for “The Second Battlefield, on the Veterans Administration healthcare system, ABC News.

National Headliner Award, Deadline Club Award for coverage of the September 11 attacks, Inside Edition.

American Woman in Radio and Television Commendation Award for coverage of Bosnia's orphans, Inside Edition.