Examples of Peter Herdrich/Cultural Capital initiatives

Case Study One

Executive Producer on two video series featuring interviews with leaders in cultural heritage preservation, museums, security, terrorism, diplomacy, and government for an international non-governmental organization. Both series were designed to provide original web content while enhancing the organization’s reputation in thought leadership. Shot in Cairo and New York. 

Case Study Two

“Nimrud Rising”

“Nimrud Rising,” Immersive virtual reality recreation of the ISIS-destroyed Assyrian site of Nimrud – Executive Producer. Working with partners Learning Sites, Inc. and the Antiquities Coalition, we have created a visit to the lost Palace of Ashurnasirpal II using the Optical Rift immersive virtual reality system.

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Case Study Three

Working with engineering firm Schroff Technologies International, designed and implemented a comprehensive business development campaign for their patented green technology solutions to the US government. The campaign includes outreach to federal representatives and agencies, communications assessment and upgrades, and pursuit of new business opportunities. 

Schrofftech team with RI Senator Jack Reed

Schrofftech team with RI Senator Jack Reed

Case Study Four

With a university educational partner, produced and directed a series of educational videotapes on bibliographical subjects for classroom use. The series is an on-going curriculum staple.

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