One traditional challenge for scholars, researchers, and organizations is to generate interest and awareness around their work. Too much scholarship languishes on the shelves of libraries and in unread white papers, resources with undiscovered value. Cultural Capital and our partners Rick Greenberg and Elizabeth Ruebman at Amplify, Inc. are breaking new ground with an innovative opportunity designed for scholars, in­dustry researchers, and academic institutions. Working as partners, we seek a wider and more influential audience for your research, broader recognition for experts and their innovative solutions, increased benefit for organiza­tions, and greater professional and business opportunity. Amplify Research accomplishes this by offering professional communications and production skills to the research community. Our uniquely quali­fied team uses these skills to create communications campaigns in collaboration with individuals and institutions to promote and market your answers and expertise, amplifying the unparalleled research generated by America’s most insightful and educated citizens.

The goal is to make research more widely available and more clearly understood in both policy and business contexts. It is hard enough to achieve and develop mastery of difficult research chal­lenges. Innovators are often asked to become promo­tion and marketing people as well. Those are the skills that we can contribute.

Campaign Models

  • Create a campaign for a professor with compelling research who seeks to implement her findings
  • Improve communication skills and messages for individual researcher/scholars to enhance media and public outreach
  • Work to promote academic affiliations, including departments, schools, and universities, by featuring cutting-edge scholarship in a clear, concise, and easily understood way
  • Work with organizations and stakeholders to improve advocacy, access to decision and policy


  • Professional and business innovators
  • Research institutes
  • Universities and their constituent schools and departments
  • Individual faculty and faculty groups
  • Coalitions organized around issues and outcomes